2 Cheaper Opals better than 1?

Interested to see if you guys think 2 cheaper cards are better than 1. For instance, thinking of selling Prime 2 KD to pick up both Siakam and Jimmy Butler, but don’t know if this is the way to go or not?

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Depends on your line up but that example is a Good Decision IMO.

Depends on the one Opal and on your lineup. If it’s Giannis for example you can get 3 good Opals for his price, but there ain’t another card (not named Kareem) that can bring what Giannis brings.

Just take a look at card tiers and avoid the overpriced ones.

GOAT Bird is free.

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Didn’t realise

Your specific example is a no brainer to go forward with. Many would say Siakam > KD anyway


At this point I think you go cheap or if you are swimming in mt get Rashard/kareem or OOPKD.

So many good free and bin cards


For the price of that KD I think you’ll be able to afford Siakam, AK and Butler. No brainer imo.

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I’m asking myself the same question. Thinking of flipping Ben Wallace and getting Siakam + AK with the MT.

I’d rather the 2 cheaper options

Yeah got AK the other day, he’s insane for me. 10 games away from Bird, so he’ll replace KD. Siakam, Butler to improve the bench