2 Ammy Giannis & Diamond Wall w/Kyries PS4

Put these cards up this morning. Both Giannis’ have grey Kobes, one has an diamond contract. The Wall has about 20 contracts and is fully badged. Ends around 3pm west coast time if anyone is looking for them.

How much is the wall?

Like $10-$12 on Amazon.



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Welcome my son… welcome…too the machine… now it’s stuck in my head


I was expecting a “Build That Wall” post but Pink Floyd is much better

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Yeah, I’m not opening that can of worms lol. I’d be having to lock threads all damn day after that :joy:

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Wish You Were Here is my favorite Floyd song, but the Wall is my favorite album. The movie is out there though. :joy:


He was at 30ish last time I checked. I put him up at 3am this morning and haven’t checked. Has all the shooting and defensive badges.

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