2-3 zone not collapsing

Just ran a game where I couldn’t break this zone at all. Even posting up and getting deep in the post it would stay in a fucking zone. I lost cuz I couldn’t break it. Who knows how to run this voodoo shit


Dude if I could get my 2-3 zone to stay out id be happy


That’s what I’m saying. I was so frustrated man. It was fucking crazy dude. I’m usually good at breaking them too

There’s a setting called extend pressure, that could be it.

Could be force to middle

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Shit was so hard to score on … Was so rattled lol

2-3 zone is super easy to beat if you’re just patient with your passes. 3’s for days against 2-3.

Although they made it ridiculous this year removing the 2-3 zone offense from the game. Now, unless you’re running a 5 out, players will stupidly cut to the rim causing a lot of interceptions.

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Yeah, that only works if the zone is collapsing on penetration to open up passing lanes.

I played against this before. The guys stick to the corners and don’t move.

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I literally never have a problem breaking zones … I run 2-3 zone probably the most on this site. This was some voodoo shit I swear lol

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It’s the stay home setting isn’t it? The one in the same menu with play physical, no threes, etc.

Not sure, but that’s what I set up when I’m in a 2-3. My guys aren’t “locked” in place, but my zone tends to hold up most of the time

How is that a zone if the guys stick to the corners. Must be some other cheese

It’s a 2-3 zone. But they stay spaced and don’t collapse as easy.

Only thing I can think of is „no 3s“ and „no help“ settings but pretty sure Zone overrides these

I played a guy just like this yesterday. He wasn’t good but I just couldn’t score. I don’t think it’s “no threes” because I’ve tried that myself and my defenders still leave shooters.

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Hmm interesting. Any videos? Could also be a man with moderate or gap off ball and dig the post settings

I have it on my last stream. It’s the last game I played. Lost

I probably coulda took more range extender and threes from the hash. But i hate that shot lol

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I made a thread asking about this like in November. Nobody had an answer…could it possibly be man where they are sagging off or pre-rotating?

I don’t think so. The formation was too obvious. 2-3 for sure. Just didn’t really move much.