1st limited LeBron

Congrats @Shirogohan5


Did he win the auction? Didn’t he get MJ too? My Lord! They have have MT trees on Planet Vegeta.


He won it for 12 mil MT

Wow… For #1 LeBron that is actually less than I thought it would go for because of all the LeBron super fans… But there IS 236 of them, and that’s a lot different than only 23 like MJ. Well congrats to @Shirogohan5

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Wtf thats worth like 1000$ smh thats an L


When money isn’t an issue it’s not an L. Just having the card when money is a non factor is a W. You got a card you wanted.

And if you think that’s an L… You should see what he paid for Michael Jordan.


That dude has had Limited MJ, Kobe and LBJ.

Goat run. Would love to play with all 3 might just make em in myleague lol


Yeah man, all 3 would be insane… That’s 2K Legend status.

He has Kobe and LBJ rn

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How much did the second one go for? I bet it was much less.

How much did the others go for on PS4?

Idk on PS4 but they cheap on Xbox, Carlo will have one soon

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I’ll probably get a limited in the next wave then. Nothing else to do with my MT.

KGs price just keeps going down. Unless they drop some crazy OP new GOs on the token market.

Trying to get 1 for under 2 mill

Ending at 1.6 mil on Xbox

You sure? I see 1 with 3 min left at 2.5

I got limited Kobe working on limited bron now bumping some jeezy Kobe lebron lol


I have too much mt as well but ltd & unlt doesn’t seem like worth the price difference.

It’s barely a difference true.