1st GO set reward?

Dunno, just got a feeling that the set reward will have GO as reward. Thought ?

we getting a set tommorow?

You forgot about CP3?

Well yes and no, thats a lil different.

Do you sleep?

Do walkers walk? So many questions not very many answers

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D Rob?

nah,2k will continue the trend with undersized guards and drop a 98 jerry west.


I’d lock in a set for opal drob

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everyone would

For people like me who just played mt this year, how’s drob like?

a god among men


Cool! Ehrmm, more specific details pls :smile:

That’s the :muscle:t4:

Award moses undersize pg no 3pt kemp and think getting a opal…2k community logic

Carlo you have school in like 6 hours go to bed bud
Were gonna need your full participation in english class tomorrow


He’s a god bro big as fuck at 7’1 big body type nice post animations will have great speed will be the best big in the game since I see them giving him a 80 3 ball.

Let me just say this.

In all my years of playing 2k MyTeam I have never locked a set. If Drob is a opal set reward tmr… I will lock him


idk how to english

Awesome! Now that’s one nasty card. Cheers mate!

same here…i have never locked a set in all my years of playing but if they dropped an opal Robinson i would lock no doubt. I already have most of the best centers including wilt.