1st diamond reward pick help

1st diamond reward pick help

Finna get my first diamond reward who is a good solid pick .help me out yall

Green Rice in you need shooting, RIP Hamilton for 3 and D. Gilmore for Paint D

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Hayward is a great all-around SF, can shoot and drive really well

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Bob Lanier is a solid center If you dont want Gilmore. Calvin Murphy is not half bad. As mentioned, Glen Rice.

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I forgot about him, and he has quick first step

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Imo unless you need a diamond player at this point I’d hold off on picking any diamond and above reward players… I have a feeling by the end of the month or early December they will update the token market and put in a couple more players with hof badges… that’s what I’m doing anyways


Show us your lineup. Always everytime you ask for lineup advise.


This is sage wisdom.

I’m just thinking if you’re not already balls deep into the collections no reason to waste tokens on cards that are already passed up by cards like Paul pierce whose 20-30k lol

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Don’t they usually only add like PD players?

Last year they added Ruby and up…

Ah OK, when did that happen?

Very true. No point wasting tokens on cards that are much worse than budget cards on the AH.

@Wascallywabbit They added a ton of reward cards besides just PD players. The new reward cards were all better than the previous cards at every tier too.

Major additions included: Amy Gerald Wallace and Nicolas Batum each with just under 4K total stats, D Morris Peterson aka GoatPete, PD Saboner, and GO Worthy aka the best card in the game for half the year lol

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@ismith111 so when the token market open ok ok…ok
:ok_hand: how many tokens will a diamond cost

Calvin has 98 speed. Rice and Drazen are best 3t shooters. Gilmore is the best big.

The first time they added new token players was January 11th. But even then they only added one new Opal.

Coust Gilmore Lucas or Hamilton

I agree with holding off until they update token rewards. Last year i tied up so much mt in collections. With Evo cards and some early budget beasts for cheap there’s no one worth getting on the diamond board imo