1Aaron Gordon / 2Badges and Shoes / 3Duos

1Why is Aaron Gordon my best 3pt shooter he never misses only KD is like that. He is not even a pink diamond.

2I was hitting 3s with Mutombo pretty well then I added 3pt badges and shoes to him and now he can’t buy a 3? Why did this happen?

3Is there any chart with what duos add to players like with coaches and shoes?

Aaron gordan release is water

I assume water is a good thing. Any other players with a similar release?

He has what I’d consider a roughly medium speed release

You might also like PG13, Butler, Larry Bird, Dr J, Kareem, Derrick Rose, Westbrook, Peja, Ilgauskas, Pippen, Kawhi, and Rashard Lewis (although there is noticeable variety in speed between those players)

I’d highly recommend getting used to players with faster releases ASAP though

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What does your team look like around Gordon? I’m curious who else he shoot better than on your team.

A-Aron gordon one of the easiest shots in the game

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Who are the top players with fastest releases?

As for the list I tried some of them:
PG13 and Westbrook were average. Bird Peja Kawhi were excellent. Dr J Iikgauskas Pippen were bad for me.

Other players who are on my team as good as Gordon or better KD.

T-Mac Klay LeBron and Roy are also excellent. Malone Jordan Kobe Irving Griffen are also good. Porzingis Dirk seem good just started using them. Hakeem Curry Harden were not good. Mutombo was surprisingly good but then I added badges and shoes and he can’t hit 3s anymore lol.

Shooters with HOF limitless and fast releases:
Arenas (likely fastest in the game)
Pettit (base 11)
AK47 (base 11)
Jamison (base 11)
Granger (base 11)
GO Payton base 9
JR Smith base 49
GO Mitch Richmond
Kevin Huerter

Other fast releases without HOF limitless
Walt Frazier

I have played with a number of guys you mention and some have been excellent for me some average and some terrible - I wonder why they are all different for me - shouldn’t they all be the same??? I mean Curry is terrible for me but Klay is excellent. I don’t get it lol.

[quote=“Jweezy, post:8, topic:58063, full:true”]
Arenas (likely fastest in the game) Terrible
AK47 (base 11) great
Jamison (base 11) average
Granger (base 11) great
JR Smith base 49 terrible for me
Klay great
Curry terrible for me
Kevin Huerter terrible for me

Other fast releases without HOF limitless

Garnett. average
Kiki. terrible for me
Cowens - terrible for me

Their timing is all slightly different so there are bound to be some that you can more consistently green than others

Ok that explains it then.

I’m pretty sure Payton is base 49. David Thompson and Dave Bing has base 9 though.

Probably right

I don’t have GO Payton just going off clips I’ve seen

Didn’t know about Bing

That’s nice

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