1992 Dream Team Squad Builder

One of the episodes of The Last Dance inspired me to create the 92 dream team that won gold in Barcelona. Sadly no Charles :sob:. Wish I had all the best versions of these guys but don’t wanna shell out the MT. However, this team is really fun to play with, hope y’all enjoy.


If you could upload the images, I’d appreciate it. I wanna try a dream team lineup now that prices tanked

I had great time running this in 17 including Charles. Brings back good old memories about this mode :pensive:

Damn I didn’t realize Chuck was the only one missing. You can swap him with Isiah Thomas though and it would still be pretty legit.

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That’s great, how do you guys make great custom jerseys? I suck with the editor.

Wish you could just download them and apply them like the logos.

No Chuck isn’t a big deal cuz i like 10man rotations. Get rid of him and Laettnar

I’d imagine this is obtainable for a lot of people now. Only one I’m missing is Karl Malone

That’s my annual dream team squad, exactly as you built it haha. Posted this a few days back in the lineup thread.


i have this but PD DRob instead of the GO. I never redeemed him and I don’t think I want to just for a lineup I’d use a few times max.



this is the redeem team too if anyone wanted to try it. shortass team and we are missing some guys. but its still fun to try


I locked Malone and Pippen pretty much just for the Dream Team lineup, but MT easier to come by than tokens.