1900 / 2500

Took me 18 days to gain another 100 cards haha. Times are getting rough out here. Up to 1900 and only 100 away from Webber! Super stoked to be that close to him! I’ve got about 190K left with 70K or so sitting in my auctions to sell. Here’s my current breakdown for those interested:

Current: 424/440.
Heat Check: 359/432.
Moments: 90/133
Throwback: 196/228
Elites: 23/86
Rewards: 166/252
Premium: 46/105
Free Agents: 6/98.
Misc: 228/256

I gotta keep grinding and I’ll hit that 2,000 shortly! How’s everyone else doing? I know some of you are close to JR/already have him.

I m at 1895 right now. Trying to be cheap with my buys and not buying anything over 3000, or 4000 if it’s a good deal. I’ve played one game of all time domination and can play the rest of it to get the team balls card, which would be additional 29. Looking to maybe pick up some of he earned jerseys if they are reasonably priced and also doing some of the scheudle challenges for the free agent cards. Next throwback will help a lot too.

Not sure if it’s a good idea, but I’ve also used my tokens to buy up all the emerald rewards, and will probably buy out rest of sapphire rewards

Yeah. I’ve got a ton of Domination and Schedule challenges to work on, but I’m planning on doing those after I max my badges in MyCareer (for the achievement).

I used my tokens and collected all of the Emeralds, Sapphires, and Rubies so far, so I don’t think that’s a bad idea depending on how far in the collector levels you’re wanting to go.

i am at 1908 cards, finished heat check collection today. All these in under a month. FML

16 new earned jerseys dropped. Watch Ah for those

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The new earned jerseys were added to my team. Aka 16 new cards to collect. Sure peeps will put them up without knowing. So keep an eye out on the ah


That’s too much too fast haha.

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Good call out :slight_smile:

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You ever think about selling everyone and having the MT to buy any auctionable team imaginable?

No rush. Giannis is the prize. Patience is key

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I’m an achievement hunter, so Giannis is my target for the achievement.

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212 cards away from Giannis


Do you have every available card?

Dang. Good work man!

Nah actually missing quite a few.

Just check how many I’m missing.

Around 25-30 give or take.

Thanks for the tip @raptorsbenchmob.
Look like peeps are aware of that -all of them 10k+ in auction.
Better wait a bit.

So close yet so far away. Also let me know when you get him so i can officially stop playing this game

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I’m sure Raw will get him before me, and have a live stream.

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Itll be tough first day but id keep checking. Some peeps are dumb lol