19/10/18 NBA game night

Some sweet games, Celtics-Raptors should be nuts, Pacers-Bucks ( my boi Sabonis VS Giannis lmfo), Jazz-Warriors should nice aswell.

Super excited for raps vs celtics.

Pacers > Bucks
Warriors > Jazz
Celtics > Raps

Thats what i’ll bet on in 2k lol


Anyone on xbox wanna wager mt on this raps game ? :))

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How much?



25 ?

25 is good lol. Its a bet

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If you don’t want to bet twice than no worries, but if you do then sure lol.

Aight. May the best team win :slight_smile:

Ill get two going. Im down. 25 ?

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Sounds good

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Raptors win EZ

Can’t wait to see Kawhi dominate

Anyone wanna bet 20k on the Bucks vs. Pacers?

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@awanz @Simon i wont be on tonight. We can chat tomorrow about payment ! Was a good game !


Cavs need to dump everyone but Osman and Sexton

Won’t be home until Monday, but I gotchu

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Raps aint baddddddd. Celtics arent clicking 100 % yet. Tatum is a savage. And kawhi is by far the best raptor in history already LOL. Vince was good but this guy is special. God damn. Did u watch the game ?!

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damn theres a reason why the rapts always rape me in myleague lol.

put whatever up and msg me it

Will do tomorrow when i get home. Itll be later in the evening ! Raps buddy. They dont mess around