17X Champion Boston Celtics Thread

17X Champion Boston Celtics Thread

Hawks tonight. Fatten up them all-star numbers, Jaylen, Jayson.


This thread is :fire:

Cs win 109-106, a depressing performance against a weak Hawks team.

Tatum drops a turd on the parquet, the bright spot being him and Brown get to the line an impressive 10 times each. All in all, a team performance that reminds fans the Celtics are in the second or third tier of contenders.

On the Hawks side, Trey bolsters his case for all-star inclusion, with 28 points and 10 assists, though the starting status of Cam Reddish is further salt to the wound for whiffing on Doncic. Schlenk can at least remind himself he is neither Vlade nor Mcdonough. …Collins still has his new muscle…

Mercifully, both Semi and Uncle Vince didn’t play

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You know that feeling when you walk into a room unannounced and catch someone doing something weird


Wery Veird

Not their best performance but Kemba wasnt there either. Not to say it should be this close

Ws are Ws in the NBA. They played poorly and still got the win. Trae Young is an incredible shooter, but he carries himself like he’s more than the best player on the worst team in the NBA. If you are really all that, you probably need to win some basketball games occasionally. Meanwhile, in Dallas…

Oh, and Cam Reddish… :poop:

The :fire: continues…

Do you recognize this man? Given the curse of the Mormons, was gaming like us as the NBA world went on without him…(sorry for the picture quality, I zoomed in from my highlight feed)…

Lol. The Celtics are in the second tier (def not third) only if the Bucks stand alone. (And the Celtics have handed the Bucks one of their few Ls this year btw.) to think that the Raptors or 76ers are a tier ahead of the Celtics is just funny.

…and a fairly lame victory over the Bulls.

Clutch three by Tatum on a good nightly performance, mesmerizing Kris Dunn and coolly dropping the clincher…

…And Boston alum Kyrie Irving, in other Celtics-related news—and this according to Malika Andrews of ESPN— may opt for surgery after evaluation a month from now.

Kyrie has left a Brooklyn fanbase salivating at his early performances, wondering at his erratic behavior and musings, and now dejected by his unknown injury status. Sound familiar? It is to Boston fans. Except this time, it took less than half a season…

I kinda like what someone said on Hoop Collective(I think it was there):

Second tier is for who just needs to get their act together, but they have pretty much everything now. As crazy as it sounds at this time, that might be Philly.

Maybe the two L.A.s and Milwaukee, then 2nd tier Philly, then 3rd tier Boston, Miami, Denver, Toronto…

Boston has great coaching, but limited depth, and weak bigs…

But, ya know, it’s fairly subjective

Boston is better than Philly


Having 4 guys averaging around 20 ppg and a dpoy candidate isnt limited depth. Theis and Kanter have been playing well, they’re just not elite


I think any number of teams from the East could go to the finals. The Bucks are the clear favorite, but certain matchups could create any number of scenarios. I think Boston matches up very poorly with Philly, but could trouble the Bucks. Meanwhile, teams like Miami and Toronto could give Philly real problems. What it tells me is that any of those 5 teams could potentially make it to the Finals if they get help and the matchups go the right way; although Milwaukee could still just steamroll everyone.

Celtics Nation Stand upâś…. The Green Team.


Pels Lakers and Celtics. What team you gonna add next year, the Bucks?

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I’d never be a fan of the Bucks… unless they resigned OJ Mayo. I’ve been a long life Celtic since my days as a kid in Back Bay and my first trip to Freedom Trail

Im trolling I just learned those places from Google searching places in Boston.

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Sadly, no Celtics :fire: recently. Blah games from a maybe second-round loser.

41 points in three quarters from Tatum. Great performance? Not really.

Pels were terrible. Ingram did a awful job on Tatum. Frank Jackson no better. Jaxson Hayes and Jahlil Okafor offered no interior D. Just about every Celtic got open looks in an up-and-down track meet. Boooo…

So, in the middle of trade season and playing uninspired and unthreatening ball, what do the Celtics need…

Andre Drummond…That’s who we need

Drummond schooled on the finer points of defense by Brad, running the pick-and-roll with Kemba, rebounding everything in sight…

A physical marvel in his early prime. He can allow Brown and Tatum to have their 11-point nights and still keep the Cs in the game. He’s not a nutcase. No terrible injury history…so, as I see it, see ya later Gordon Hayward and the Griz pick and any of those depressing 2019 draft picks…and a wink-wink extension conversation with Drummond’s representation. Make it happen, Danny.

What do ya think?

I’m not even gonna read this garbage. 41pts from Tatum isnt anything to brush off and the last thing Celtics need is a 27mil dollar rebounder who cant guard Embiid

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We Are The Celtics We Are Proud. Greatest sports team ever.