16-bit promo (99 Porzingis, 99 LaMelo, 98 Rudy Gay)


look what I got from a free pack

the best part - the card is auctionable. so I’m selling him now when he’s at the peak of his value. and in a couple of days I hope to return him, only much cheaper



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That’s mad luck. Was it from beating the 16bit challenge or sumtin?

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I am not home

What are the prices of Dino/Isaac/Gay on PS4?


I thought Rudy Gay was gonna be my replacement for PG13 but MPJ has them shooting badges :eyes:

yep, that was from the 16-bit challenge

the other pack (from the Win the weekend agenda) contains unauctionable players

Badged a Isaac up to 27 HOF badge. Bought for 79k and sold for 227k. Not too bad I thought. Going to buy him back again, was a very smooth silky player. I’ll wait for his price to drop a little. Was just for his XP agenda and bit of profit for now.

Get the best MONEY BIG ON THE P4/5 auction house with 53 of the best hof badges and :gem: show with plus 4 three perimeter defense, speed with ball, accel, strength and lat quickness bid it up. Pls RT

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33 mins left….


What did people think of this set. Did not try to DM cards but only MPJ I loved right away. Surprised since usually do not like his cards.
Could not hit a 3 with Korver for the first 20 attempts I tried. Then got the timing and he is really automatic no matter how close he is covered.
Isaac is good but not worth 85k. Sold him back quickly after getting XP. Will wait until he is much cheaper.

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I like the set for the most part. Top cards for the big spenders and budget beasts for the rest. Best value card is Rudy imo. Since I play limited regularly I dont like that 2k now skips Amy, Diamond and so. Would not hurt to add 1 or 2 cards of these on top.

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