150k team!

Sold my team and MT off and kept 150k. Have this team now. These prices are crazy! It’s fun using cards you’d usually never use too. Dan Issel is the ugliest person that’s ever walked the earth but he’s a monster on the glass and wets threes. That Curry is easily the best shooter in the game. Robert Pack is kinda ridiculous lol. Dunks on anyone in front of him and the Ray Allen/Tatum duo is nuts.

It really is fun trying to fit your needs with a strict budget. I don’t have David Robinson yet, using Nate Thurmond at the moment but I’ll have Robinson Friday. I’ve heard he’s a monster. But for 150k you can EASILY compete in supermax. If you’re good you can get into pink diamond with a squad on par with this. It’s all you really need if we’re all being honest

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Definitely can compete but man that team is depressing to look at lol :joy:… I was about to do the same thing and sell of my my and play with my a cheaper team but now I’m thinking i might need to leave myself a little more MT. I don’t think I would have fun playing with a squad like that

what’s wrong with his teeth…

I’m having a blast man. I really am. I wouldn’t say I’m having fun when I’m really not haha. This was a team I threw together within 5 minutes. Ray Allen turns into a diamond and Tatum is a really good card with the boost too. With how cheap players are im gonna be constantly buying and selling cheaper diamonds and amethysts. It’s fun to actually pay attention to the lesser cards when there are releases. Before today the only card I would even click on to see the ratings were the 97 overall+.

Some people may only have fun using the cream of the crop though and I can understand that completely.

Dan Issel’s the GOAT.

D-Rob is a legit Pink Diamond. Not some neutered bullshit 2K usually does when they give us a free PD.

Not quite as athletic as Kareem, maybe not quite as good an outside shooter (probably about on par for most, if Kareem is unmodified). Not a good post fade but that’s not a big deal this year. I actually haven’t played him much in the couple weeks I’ve had him, because I had Kareem and also run some cheesy game through Jokic off the bench, but Robinson has seemed to me to be a top-flight rebounder and a really nasty dunker…who is a totally solid threat from outside.

They packed up and left town. He looks like a long haired Kirilenko in game though lol

Yeah I can’t wait to use him. Gonna be a new threat for my team. Every little bit helps obviously lol.

I usually want a hof Dimer guy on my team and I don’t have one now though. Was thinking Bill Walton? I wish he had a three though, as unrealistic as it would have been. Karl Malone has a 90 overall three pointer though so give Walton a 75!

I agree. It’s sort of weird Walton gets left out of the 3pt party. Also weird that he has such high BC for a Center…but it’s not all that useful because his SWB is very low.

With D-Rob and DMC, considering the meta, probably doesn’t really make sense to run Walton. And not that easy to take advantage of HoF Dimer on a Center, since post-game is so dicey. There are some plays here and there that have the best option coming off a pass from the 5, but quite few.

How cheap are Dennis Johnson and Sleepy Floyd? Or Dinwiddie?

I love that you called it broke boy… 100+ hours of my life went into creating a squad, that is worth 25k more than that. Lol.

I actually have Dennis Johnson in my collection lol. I just don’t think I can use him. No driving and just on okay shot. He just isn’t anything special you know what I mean?

Haha well did you spend any money on the game besides the 60 dollars it costs for the game itself?

I did the same thing by selling off everything. If you want to add to your roster, I recommend adding Amy James Worthy at SF. He’s really cheap right now (15k - 25k MT) on Xbox and is a great all around shooter. I’ve never used Brown, but Worthy is insanely good. Same with Amy Gordon Haywood. He’s lights out from deep and super cheap.

If you got him, run Amy Jeremy Lin as your backup PG. That card is amazing

I thought he might be a pretty solid dunker with 60 Driving Dunk and 80 Tendency.

I just like that he has size, strength, elite D, good speed, alright shooting ratings, and HoF Dimer and D-Stopper. I’d definitely run him over Pack, no matter what, but I don’t really play for drives/dunks with my PG as a first option.

Maybe this will open up some ideas?