150K MT. What should I upgrade?

This is my current line up: https://2kmtcentral.com/20/lineups/264647/updated

I was thinking replacing bonga with lonzo ball or selling carmelo and grabbing ben Wallace. Any ideas on what I should do? Bonga has been doing great for me even tho hes an amy tho.

melo needs to get out of there

Who would I replace him with? Hes been pretty good for me tbh.

Ya maybe sell melo and Redd and try for opal melo

Mourning is like a cheaper ad, better on d, maybe not as smooth a shot though

How much is kirilenko? Maybe I could sell melo and grab him. Opal lonzo not worth upgrading over bonga?

I kinda want my PF to at least have gold range extender tho. Any other good PF? I noticed there arent many options for PFs.

Ya kirilenko like 220 to 240, not much cheaper than melo, there are tons of Melos on auction house, hoping to grab him for like 250 later tonight if he comes down a bit more

Christian Laettner maybe

Amy Nicholas Claxton looks nice, no range extender but 90 3ball

no qd

What about Herro or Gay? That might be a good addition. I prefer them over Melo. Gay being the cheaper option, save some of that coinage for something else.

I sold gay to get michael redd. Michael reds stats look fire so. I also sold d wade too. Hes in the auction right now.

Redd looks great. Thinking about picking him up. Pretty sure he has more HoF badges than any PD… heck, he has more HoF badges than some Opals. Crazy

Do you think I should replace bonga?

I say ride the horse that’s hot my friend. If Bonga is working for you, keep him. Save your MT. He’s a great card and can definitely hold his own. Until he becomes a liability then upgrade.

Run Roco. Reddish better options than melo.

Roco is fucking an animal out there man

Who’s roco?

Robert Covington. U get him from the rocket spotlight sim

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Good one. Totally forgot about him. Definitely worth it and it’s a free card.

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