1500 / 2900

Took me a week, but I’m up another 100 cards. Really getting tough out here lol

Here’s my current card breakdown:

Current: 354/431
Heat Checks: 155/441
Moments (Specific tab): 0/6
Rewards: 210/429
Premium: 231/392
Historic Uniforms: 335/338
Miscellaneous: 188/251

Last time I posted, someone was already at 2,100 cards! I still have a ton to grind out, but it’s getting tough buying cards off the auction house with such little MT… Was able to go 12-0, so i gotta focus more on Domination now.

How’s everyone else’s grind coming along?


I stopped at the 300 tokens I believe. The collector level grind for Giannis last year left me a broken individual.


I’m at 1800 cards, but I sold everything in premium category except for Spurs cards and two sets I locked. Kidd spotlight and Flash 2.
Also locked 4 moments sets that give tokens.

Idk what’s their plan, but at this pace we won’t even be able to reach DWade before June.
No way I go for it.

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I went from 1100 to about 1530 last night. Have a few Heat Check cards that I need, then I’m going for Promo cards.


Roughly how much mt did that jump run you?

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Tell me about it man. Especially as a NMS player, it sucks lol… Just wonder why they throw an achievement that is this difficult to get

Wait, really? Are they super behind or something?

Dang! That’s quite a climb over night. MT Spending spree lol

1.5k max per card. 100 cards. 150k max, but I got at least half for under that value if not more.


Well, last year it was 2.5k cards for Giannis. Now it’s 2.9k for AD.

I don’t think there are more than 2.2k cards in the game right now.
Maybe 2.3k.

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Bit the bullet today and started scooping all the current players. Surely the silver market won’t be lower for a while - especially if token market gets updated this month. Will probably stand pat until after the next Spotlight, secure Brandon Roy and then go shopping. I’m down to like 700k and feeling broke.

I wish the collection rewards weren’t so trash this year until the very end. Like last year you had Kirilenko at least. I just got Jamison and he’s like D tier.

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Eesh, you’re right. I know there’s at least 2.1k from someone posting on my last thread.

I’m sitting here with 150k lol

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Are u not going for BRoy or are u sellng back what u need if spotlight comes out. Because 150k wont get u anywhere. Just wondering.

Myself I am rather on slow pace this year when it comes to collecting but there is no Giannis this year so why rush.

Have barely grinded out any of the spotlights, if that answers your question :).

I care more about theme teams then I do about having the “meta cards”



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at 2080 and will sell back at the 750 tokens

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I think that’s me… I’m at 2171 now lol


1800 cards here, I’ve completed heat check and current. Just three cards from domination, so I expect grinding it this month

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And how many cards are you missing?
I don’t think there are more than ~2250 or so cards in the game right now.

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Here’s what I have:

  • Every 19-20
  • Every Heat Check
  • Every Domination + J-Rich
  • Every Emerald, Sapph, & Ruby Token + normal amount of rest
  • Every Spotlight Reward
  • TTO players pre-Ibaka
  • Every Legacy 1 and 2
  • 27/30 Prime + Ray Allen
  • Every Multi, LO, and New Year’s + lock in cards
  • 99/112 Spotlight Series
  • 104/106 MOTW + all lock in cards besides Jokic
  • 6/9 Flash Pack
  • Every Uniform
  • Every Coach, Playbook, Arena, Logo, Basketball

So by that count in terms of auctionable cards, I am missing 3 Flash + 2 Glitched + 2 MOTW + 1 MOTW Lock In + 13 Spotlight + 3 Prime VIP = 24 cards. And then I could get the Amy token board which is another 8 + the ball = 9 cards. Also missing 6 other agenda balls but I haven’t had the chance to get them


My total is 2202. There’s 2263 technically available (not including promo, starters, unobtainable cards)
Scottie will probably be available whenever they release those uniforms. Hopefully by the end of the month


Hmm, that just confirms we’re f-ed.

I got Giannis around 10th of April last year and I was missing around 50 cards and 15ish free agents.
Giannis was 2500 cards.
AD is 2900.


you gotta make a post when you get scottie