$15/100k MT on Nintendo Switch

Hmu dawg

Is there anyone ever online on switch? I’ve tried to get a SM match multiple times and nothing

Depends on the time you search.

$50 for 400k. 450k if within the next 4 hours

Is switch that whack I thought it was a great idea, but I tried it on my cousins and it looked like shit.

Processor isn’t big enough

It’s fun for my career

It’s good imo and I still have a lot of fun. Tight knit community but we’re all pretty close. I mean I made the change from PS4 to switch and I like it way more.

We have a discord n all

Are there enough players to grind supermax?

Yes. I’m on west coast with less players but I always manage to hit PD. East coast has more players and have more players that hit PD.

Personally, I LOVE my Nintendo, but I could never find matches on 2K and the processor isn’t big enough to support a 30+ GB download, so there is an obvious lag type thing

So…2K plays like shit online on the Switch?

Not even just online. There’s a minuscule delay in ever game mode

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Well damn…I really want Sony to take another crack at the handheld market. The PSP and Vita didn’t get their due.

Nintendo will always have the handheld market cornered. It’s just not possible to stick a big ass processor in a little ass console and expect to be able to run sports games like you could on a large console. It’s just not realistic. Nothing against the system or the brand. Love my Switch, but I have to play 2k on x box.

I just play my career and try to deal with the every so slight delay

I was wondering why Madden skipped the Switch…now I know.

Yes. GameCube and Wii could do it. Not Switch.

My son has one and Zelda is fucking amazing!! I want a new, great, Metroid.

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