143 cards away and 3 million

Giannis …
It will be possible , I sell every high tier card and I have around 3 millions and 146 cards aways ?
Only have done 5 schedules ,
It’s possible ?have all heatchecks , tb , and current , misc.

Yes very possible go search for those cheap moments while you can

Did you lock in all the emeralds , saps and rubies as well

Yes !
Thanks for
The advice , i will not expect more moments super packs I have to hurry

I’m exactly where you are minus the 3 mill keep this updated

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Yes I will take the risk ,
Was an difficult decision to sell some cards but I will make an effort this week

149 away. Once I reach 93 I’ll have to grind schedule & domination for the basketballs.

I have dom done, one schedule player and pretty much everything thing else other than moment diamond players and up


It’s very attainable man, I sold about 150 cards after getting Giannis n got about 3.5 mil,

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He said he did

Yes I did

Did you do domination? 3 million should be enough. That’s roughly how much it took me and that was 1.5 weeks ago before the throwback elites tank in price. This weekend bad time to buy though as no content and cards more expensive across the board

Yes ,
Iam buying some cheap moments and tbe and waiting for next crash for the more expensive ones .
I will not will have fun this week playing :joy:

Good luck. Giannis is worth it though.

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Time for the real grind. (Schedule challenges & domination) I’ll be in my cave for the next few days.

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56 cards away. Schedules boring as fuck and no content


Keep chasing, guys…


250 Cards Away

Moments - 109
TBE - 100

How much do I need?

If you get every card on average for 10k…thats 2.5 million. Thats a good ballpark figure seeing that they release new bum cards each week.

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