1300 / 2500

Alright fellas. I passed the halfway mark and hit 1,300 cards. Filters were completely dry, so I had to raise my filters a bit and a new flood-wave of cards came on in. I raised my silver and heat check filters up to 2,000 and then misc. items were raised to 750. Lots of cards to be bought out there. I’ve got 620K to last me to that final goal. Here’s my current breakdown of my card collection for whoever is interested or wants to see what it would take to get to AK47 (+50 cards)

Current: 311/440
Heat Check: 194/432
Moments: 35/67
Throwback: 124/156
Rewards: 109/251
Premium: I have 27
Free Agents: 4/96
Uniforms: 311/373
Misc: 178/240

For anyone wondering if they should get AK47, I’m all for it. He’s a flat out baller. Played 3 games last night with him for the first time, and he crushed it. Only one game saved, since the opponent quit the other two games, but he had 13 points, 6 boards, 3 assists on 67% shooting and 50% shooting from 3. He’s got a quick shot, but it’s manageable. Great on defense and adds an extra ball-handler to the squad. Highly recommend him.

How’s everyone else doing on there collections? I know some of you are super close to Webber!

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Yeah man, I’m so close to AK, 100/2500 cards nahmeen. Grind go hard u.o.e.n.o. Nah jk, i have no hopes of getting him lol

Bummer. AK just feels so smooth on the court. I just love his defense. Gets me out on the fast break for easy buckets

I hope you realize that you wont get anywhere near even 2,000 cards with that 600k. You may get to 1,700 cards if you are lucky and with patience. At a certain point it you will be forced to purchase expensive cards to progress. Be prepared: its a money and time coffin :sunglasses:

Ak47 is so god damn good. I wasnt huge on him when i first got him but once i started using him at PG due to all the magic johnsons out there and realized his skill as a ball handler, sniper off screens (lol) hes one of my favorites.


1,913 cards at the moment. Those last 87 to Webber are going to be a combination of patience and grinding.

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I’ve got to 1,300 with a constant inflow/outflow of 300K. Sniping isn’t all that hard this year. Plus, I’ve spent $0 on the game, so I’ve got that going for me.

I’ve used him as PF in my 3 games and he still balls out. He’s that point-forward role for me since Manu already has the PG duties.

what are your targets for sniping? Ive been mostly looking as silver players when new packs get released. I’ve heard badges can turn a nice profit as well.

Good shit bro. Keep pounding those cards out. Itll b worth it once u get there.

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Unfortunately I’m not just going to give out my filter since I don’t want it to become dry.

Badges can be great, but I don’t have the market known to snipe those. Silvers are highly overpopulated by people trying to snipe those as well.