130 AD packs

Guess what??? Still no fucking AD these odds are fucked


It’s a GG bro. Better wait for the new packs to come.


They must have your account flagged or something. That’s ridiculous


Bruh id sue at that point

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Singles? 10s ? 20s ? Mix? Time of day your buying ? Unplug ur box and reset router

I pull out all the stops when i want a pull. Fuck ill hold a shit in if i have too.

Right @TheSnowMan???


He really can’t tho


100%. At this point cut your losses and just buy the card. Save your VC for new content.


Sometimes you suppress that shit (literally) if a w or a card is on the line. That’s the difference between a champion and regular season performer


In one day or open separately, that’s different lol

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I’ve opened a 20 box everyday the AD packs have been out

Mt or vc ? Both ?

RIP bruh that’s kinda tuff


I’ve opened like 10-15 packs with MT somewhere in there

Okay so you need to open an array of options. Next time do 10s and singles. Trust. There is something to be said about how and when you open packs

What that exactly is remains to be seen

My buddy saw the ad packs up before i did and ripped like 15 seconds before i did. He got nothing. I pulled him first box

And the rest with VC

Bro this may come off as harsh but there’s really no reason in complaining and you know what I’m referring to


I’ve spent what equivalent to like 250$ if not more 4X the amount of the base game for a card on there and still don’t get it this shits dumb I stg my account is fucked

I got 6 ADs only 1 in a box rest in singles. I usually got them when ppl where off late around this time or before everybody got from school and work.

Yes and no. The time it takes to do the deed is still time. That hour or so it takes would be 25/50 dollar wage for peeps. But i totally get what ur saying. But lets not make it that narrative. Never ends well

These packs are a fucking scam Literally every pack it’s just a current ruby