13 is the magic equalizer number in TTO

I feel like every time there is a ‘momentum swing’ in TTOnline and my players start bricking shots and stuck in mud…is when I’m leading significantly and hit 13 points. If I can break through and be in front post 13 I win, if not, it’s a sweatfest.

Anyone else notice this trend?

For me it’s that noticeable in the last 20 games that if I’m on 10, I’m actively avoiding a 3 and taking a layup

Game point miss back to 13
Tip ins back to 0
You know the rules


Prime example, up 13 - 9 just now, all of a sudden diamond Paul George starts sagging off Chris mullin and won’t put his hands up until after the shot. Guy hit 4 x 3s in a row to my 2 points

Well you solve that by onballing. I dont have that problem although I 9 times out of 10 have the better team. It seems around 12, 13, 14 they stop making awful release shots and I go on a 12-0 run and win 22-12

I do onball, then they pass it to another man and for some reason my man stumbles backwards and allows the open shot, I switch to them to contest and they just stand there like a goon…maybe I’m reading too much into it…I just really hate that I can’t play online This year :triumph:

this never happens to me, i use pd blake/amy josh richardson/ruby deandre hunter and i’ve been beating dudes with baron davis, diamond kd, pd lillard, pd amar’e, diamond pg13, diamond giannis, diamond bron, etc.

the key to stop these is by having players with clamps, the only games ive lost were against someone who was really good, and i lost by like 5 and the other was some other dude who took bad shots but 2k refused to let me steal his passes even tho i were reading every single one. also have good reaction time. i always switch if i see the cpu sagging someone off for an easy lurk

Yeah I think clamps is the key, but you are probably also getting a smoother connection because you are playing against superior teams who 2k want to stay ‘engaged’

na, alot of them games if anything i was the one getting BSed by 2k, baron davis hit a 100% smothered contest on me, blake griffin kept doing layups instead of dunks, some dude was hitting moving 3’s with diamond kd, but i understand where the whole “engagement” thing comes from but i think its more or so just rng

Last year it felt like 11 was the magic number for me. Was super frustrating but I found if you just plaued smart 9/10 time you’d win.

Never heard of EQ working this way, what I think you are talking about is rubber-banding to allow the opponent to catch up when they are behind (this has been a thing for the CPU in 2K for at least 10+ years)

The EQ I’m familiar with causes missed shots/layups/dunks when your timing has not changed. If I’m playing 30+ TTO games in a couple hours with the same lineup, I can tell when 2K is cheesing me due to the matchups as my greens turn to full whites/etc. while the Ruby/Sapphire opponent is shooting above 60%.

When this happens to me though, I just stop shooting and rim run, guaranteed dunks/layups only to avoid the issues.

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