$12 per 100k for sale[Ps4]

Need this gone ASAP

Don’t have PayPal, I have google pay, cash app, circle pay and Venmo

I have 1.5 million MT, very known seller and buyer here so as legit as it comes.

a lotta people have venmo - not myself, but it is used a lot

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Gift cards?

Gift cards risky :joy:, I wouldn’t dare do that.

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Very very true just trying to think of other ways

You could accept love letters - very prominent in today’s society


I’m online now if anyone on PS4 looking for MT

Ok I have PayPal back again so should be easier to sale, I have 1.2million left

I’m on now guys, have 1 million left, once out I’ll have more next week

Edit* 300k left

U still have the 300k?

Yeah still have 300k left

Vouch ! Quick and easy.

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Any left?


I have 100k left after that I have to reup so gonna take about a week

I’ll take it

Actually sold out right now, someone already came in and Bought sorry