12 Days of giving

Seems like a way to give us a bunch of those useless ornament balls and little else


ORNAMENT BALLS?!?!?!?!? Lmao, fuck 2K.

i already locked in the ornament set smh. i just hope the badges aren’t the bs ones i keep getting. i havent gotten a good one since launch week.

It’s a chance at a HOF badge, .00000001% of players will get a HOF badge, and 90% of the people who do will get HOF Flashy Passer.


Gotta catch em all!


What did that give ya?

has there been any agenda balls? I haven’t seen any of em

emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, diamond, pink diamond I think are all in

yea ik but the other ones in the picture like the camo and gold ink ones

im not sure

I got relentless and flexible week one. Since then: Putback, Lightning Reflexes 2x, Stop & Go 2x(Not the worst badge) and LC Passer twice.

Thats not accurate. You don’t need agenda balls for the disco ball.


Graphic is from 2K20 I believe.

i dunno just a random picture

You need the agenda balls for the camouflage ball I think, that’s the only one I need until I get the fireball

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I got that feeling boys… Might be about that time for the MAMBA

If not tomorrow, then on Day 8 (next Friday) of the little 12 days thing they got going on

They always drop Kobe around christmas.

Got Ruby LBJ out of my pack

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Ruby LeBron for me too. Got Shumpert again from the wheel lol