12/15/2018 Raptors @ Nuggets

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What are your thoughts on this game? I’m really hoping that Siakam suits up tonight, as I think his play would be integral in order for a Toronto W. (I also have him in fantasy as you must know by now lmao)

Do you guys expect a big game from Kawhi, especially after the loss they had two nights ago?


Did this really require a thread? You could just pm them, just sayin

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Dont think the thread required any bitching from you just saying tho :eyes:


We frequently make game day theads. No harm. We got people making threads about cereal. This isnt a big deal lol

Raps gunna need a healthy kyle lowry playing well to win. Guy is so integral to our offense. Also hoping siakam suits up. All i want is a moments siakam lololol. Looking forward to this game.


No Bitchin here you can leave with the salt tho lmao

I think the Raps avenge their loss on their home court to the Nuggs by winning this one tonight. Without Harris, Millsap, Barton etc. We just don’t have the depth to beat Toronto right now. Unless Jokic makes some magic tonight or Murray goes flamethrower like the 48 vs Boston

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If siakam and lowry are both out itll be an even game.

You always starting somethin bruh


Go raps. Jokic definitely needs to be top 3 mvp discussion tho

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Go Nuggs!!!

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Just leave it alone

@YOSEMITE_HAM @DaNali. Lowry and siakam both out. Should be a fairly close game. Disappointed. But maybe kawhi balls out and we get a moments. Who knows. Maybe also fvv. Or OG

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Jokic might have a monster game with no Siakam or JV. Whoever has a better game out of the 2 stars (Kawhai, Jokic) probably wins the game

Correct. Hoping one of our young and upcoming centres named boucher gets some quality minutes. He put up like 47 points. 8 blocks or some crazy line like that in the g league last week. He can shoot threes and block damn well. As well as run the floor. No post game tho. Rebounds decently.

Man ESPN Australia isn’t showing the game (unless you have league pass, it’s the only way to watch them over here) i really wanted to watch this game too.

This is not related to his game, but today is the 16th. And does anybody think giannis gets a diamond moments for his 44/13 game the other night?

He should but with 2k you never know. If he does tho, I’d say the pull rate will be high (not too high tho) to off set the extremely low rate of the PD.

Nbaredditstreams bro. The buff streams option works for me

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Nba streams reddit is the wave bro

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Thanks @raptorsbenchmob and @Bmcm4716. Good looking out!

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