12-0 tips

Im at a loss. I have a good enough lineup. But I can’t seem to make it over the hump. Crazy thing is I’ll make it to 6-0, 8-0, 10-0. Just can’t seem to close it out. And I don’t usually have a hard time against opals or teams that are ovr as good or better, it’s the teams that look weaker that beat me. My players miss shots they should make. 3’s, easy layups, dunks… And usually if the score is close, these teams seem to come back in the 4th, even if I’ve held the lead the entire game.

I run Steve Kerr/ Mavs playbook/ usually a warriors freelance or 4 out 1 in
Defense is usually hc press/ tight/ tight/ over/ under/ crash/ physical/ no 3’s.
Any advice? I’ve heard to try running in the morning, does that make a difference? What about later in the cycle? Never really cared much about potm, but this one would be nice. Thanks in advance for any tips

Anytime that school kids are playing are the best time, only hardcore players will play at midnight on a Tuesday, try after school times, Friday night, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning

Schools out for summer bruh

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Not for everyone yet, private school yeah, but not most public

Either way, if he just wants the reward player easiest way to do it is get a friend and bronze glitch to 12-0, takes a half hour, he gets the reward and no stress, then can just play the game how he wants the rest of the month lol

I’m a teacher and been off for 2 weeks now. :wink:


What state do u teach in


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I feel like that ruins the whole point

True, but playing with my normal team I normally go 11-1/12-0 anyways, but once I have the reward player I don’t stress as much if I’m playing someone whose cheesing so hard just to get a win, I just move on and play another game, that’s why I’m sayin the bronze glitch because then he won’t stress over games and prolly will win more than he already is

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Damn I haven’t even went 12-0 yet I forget about that shit

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With the game being $3 it will probably be easier now

Tto has been a breeze lately so many guys with a diamond pd then like a sapphire card lol

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One day you’ll get there man :joy::joy::joy:

I run 2 rubies and a diamond to keep contract price down, and I always win agaisnt those lineups with the shitty diamonds and pds, it makes no sense why use Dave bing or klove when you can use bamba, Isaac, Bailey, or Maker

I run Giannis wilt and 98 Hakeem lol… normally ppl just quit

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Best time to run is weekend afternoons imo…half my games were rage quits when I went 12-0 lol

I think it’s just how they do match making… I’ve found out typically when I’m like 8-10 and 0 I play one dude who either has an all opal team or someone who is very good at the game or I just have a hard time making open shots, which is why he prolly gets to that point and loses

True. The last 2-3 games are usually sweatier than the first 9-10

Your team is good enough to go 12-0. Just keep practicing. Watch some twitch streams of Tjay, Tydebo, Macksauce, Ambish, etc. and watch some of the things they do on offense and defense. Offense is the easy part to figure out, the real skill gap in this game is on the defensive end.