12-0 Through Mobile Data πŸ˜‡

Since Playing MTU last January

I’ve been 12-0 in the First Three Months.

Usually at the Third week of each month

Little Achievement But I’m Happy :rofl:

After All the Sweat and Cheese :sweat_smile:

White Chocolate and Michael Finley Welcome :innocent:


Congrats, my internet is currently out till Friday, I tried playing on my
Hot spot and I can’t do it, I’ll check out the auction house and stuff but that’s literally all I can handle

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Thank you bro!! Hot spot is hard fluctuating internet and delay is always there. I frequently get lost on defense lol

I play with mobile data as well lol. I have broadband but my mobile data is much more reliable unfortunately. Just got White Chocolate and Finley too. Just got Ginobli and Issel to go to get my first GO.

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I need the others since I started playing MTU january. I need Ginobili Issel LJ

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So you’re the infamous lagman in Asia server lol.

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Haha Mr. Delay :thinking:


β€œWhen i thought i was about to throw my clutch game-winner shot, he had already won the game”
PinkWeed JR Smith


Hahaha JR Smith Actually won me the 12th game. Tie game 2 mins left he shot back-to-back threes. And stole the ball from roy :rofl:

10th Game I was hit by the EQUALIZER.
I led 23 points through 3 quarters.
4th quarter I ddn’t score a bucket 0-18

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Congrats man , with mobile data , I literally just can’t evennnnnnnn :slight_smile:

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Thank you bro!! I it’s just fluctuation sometimes it’s okay sometimes the game just starts to lag ahaha also delay in shot

You are a boss for suffering through that BS to get the reward

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I just wanna continue my streak of 12-0 ahaha 3months now.

Congrats you got the worst POTM ever, unusable.

Let’s hope we get something good this month

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Thanks man.
I need Finley,Issel,Ginobili,LJ to complete IT :rofl:
Additional Card Count.

I hope we get something good. :innocent:

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Congrats brother! Around what time is the best to play MTU? Speaking of matchup wise.

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Thank you bro! :innocent:
4-8PM i think.
But it really Depends, but that’s when I usually play.

Congrats. Lost 11-0 twice this month now sitting at 9-0. Not even motivated to play anymore. Got ten days left

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You can do it bro! One game at a time.

Finley might be a solid anti-EQ card, need to dust him off.

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