12-0 Service on Xbox for $20

Dm if interested

Damn undercut teqson competition is real :rofl::joy::rofl:


Sometimes having a ton of vouchers is worth the extra $

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Get a taste of his own medicine

$2 and I’m down


Sorry man too low

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this sweatshop wages…I wouldn’t blame the people that left me for this haha…this hell

I quit man. No one down

You’re 2 weeks late

Do u play the games or matchup glitch

Would you PLAY 12 games for 15$?

No I still get 40-50 from my loyal peeps


Right. 15$ for the glitch is still cheap.


any vouch for this guy?

I actually play the games. I went 12-0 as soon it Dirk came out and got a error code. I trying to go 12-0 for some else now. 2k support takes so long to fix error codes I don’t ever think I can play 12-0 on my account

If you really play I respect U but raise your price u making like 3 an hour plus u hurting some good homies from this site business coming in here wit these low prices

I tried charging $20 bucks but no ones down. Plus it takes 5 hours max because I make the opponent leave half the games

What do the other guys charge?

25-30 depending on team strength

5 hours for 15 bucks is no bueno lol