12-0 Question

I hardly ever MTU so sorry for the noob question. If I’m 11-0 before the reset will the reset cancel out my progress? Or would I only need one more win to get the next PoTM?

last year the progress carrier over. Not sure about this year.

It was stated in blog prior game release its gonna be wiped out with every new reset, but i guess we’ll see.


They said that you can’t get a “head start” this year, so I would assume you will get the reward for 11 Wins once the timer turns over.

Might as well try to get the 12th win now if you think the difference in reward for 11 vs. 12 is worth it.

Keep going 12-0, you will earn a lot of tokens. You can go 12-0 easy in 2 hrs, if you do the team overall matchup glitch. I made over 400k in 2 days doing it.

From what I understand their will be no roll overs this year

Team matchup overall glitch? What is this?

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Do tell in pm if necessary O’2kguru

I’d like to know as well for hypothetical reasons. Pm me.

Pm too haha

Pm me bruh

I’m curious aswell. PM me!

Can one of the receivers pm me lol

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so in the last 2 days youve did the 12-0 glitch 50 times?

how are you not flagged

So 8 and 0 giving it a shot for Larry the night before and run into someone running a create a player center at point. I Lost. Very upset.