12-0 Matchup hit me up

Who wanna match up in mtu for 12-0 token and carf grind message me

How to do it? Same ratings and that’s it?
I have a brotherhood playing 2k, so I only need to know how to make it.



If someone from europe ps4 wanna try it let me know


anyone on ps4 wanna try

I’m curious how well this works

It works maybe 5/6 times depending on timezone.

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Yep, we are trying last night and only works like 5 times.

Anyone in Europe on xbox want to try and match up?

Whos on xbox

I’m on Xbox

Xbox Midwest if you want to try this

I’m in San Diego
Idk how that works lol

But I’m down

I did this last year and it worked well. But it’s very well known now. Tough to string together enough wins to make it worth while

What’s you gamer tag

Do you have a mic ? So we can talk there?