12-0 Lineup - UPDATE (37-0)

Right here, we got the lineup that I’ve been using for my past 10 games.

I lowered the overall to what I believe is the threshold of matchmaking. I lowered it down to 90-91. This allows you to match up with people who are most likely with gold lineups, similar lineups with rubies and sapphires. I haven’t lost a game with this method yet, I’ll keep everyone posted if I’m able to run the tables with this lineup.

EDIT: J-Rich is averaging 40+ ppg


Check out Ruby Corey Maggette. Can shoot, dunk, speed boost (with a coach) and he got 80 str, so you can post spin small guards if you put him SG. I’ve used Ruby/sapphire/emerald mashup team and he scored like 30 per game for me to 12-0 run.

From the new Clippers TB? Will do. He have a good 3?

Yah good release. Yah that clippers TB. He also has 3 point plays, draws fouls like mad crazy, OP ruby :blush:

Damn, sounds nice. Eddie is nice, but he doesn’t always fit my lineup

This is my lineup I’ve been having success matching up against equally or lower matched teams, should I lower my players even more?



So long as it’s working. Whenever I’m in the matchmaking screen, it usually take around 45 seconds to a minute, so it’s definitely looking for some sort of lineup in comparison. If it’s working, don’t change it.

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Only 3 games in and all 20 point wins, but I’ll try ur way if it doesn’t continue to work

I’ve always found that something about the Amy does something about the matchmaking. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but keep going!

Doesnt Nick Young look good?

It depends on his release, I want to try him

I ran this for my 12-0


Why bill

Why not? Can post up and D up. Slow as fuck, but im pretty good on D, dude had Blake (PD) at C and i made him quit half thru second Q.


Kudos to everyone getting to 12-0 with these lineups. But isn’t this just silly? If 2k is going to put in algorithms that force a rainbow lineup they really should be looking into multiple modes where there is an actual Anything Goes All PD lineups, with NO matchmaking. And a Budget Mode or Actual salary cap mode.

Get Sapphire Ross guys only 84 overall such a beast. Easy release to green ( not dat fast ) godly dribbling animations and dunking. And even high steal ratings.

check : Best Auctionable Players by Tier

If i was bad / average to the game and need to go 12-0 i would run something like this : ( best low cards in my opinion who play way above their stats )


Yeah I agree, when I win easily with a fun budget team, then struggle and sweat with a decent team, it gives me no motivation to upgrade the lineup

your lineup is nice, i would just maybe remove baylor and beasley ?

I’m looking for a Baylor replacement, hoping that all star packs give me a sapphire or ruby with a hof badge or something

yeah same, i like budget beast. Trust me on Ross, you should try him out he is amazing.

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