12-0 grind is real this round

It’s no easy roads to get to this 12-0. I’m sure I’ll get it eventually just like the others but this round is becoming increasingly frustrating how my streaks are ending. It’s not enough that GO Blake came out but now you have to deal with Malone cheese and then lurking are the worthy, Frazier and wilt owners. No easy games anymore and when there is a decent roster come up on the screen that thing that people say doesn’t exist kicks my ass for 3 qtrs. I really hope they come out with a new Pd in the token market soon, as I’m getting real board with the same cards same bullshit. I’m done buying packs for the year, need a little spark to get over the hump.


Yeah the cheese is only getting stronger as time goes by.

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Yea I ran into one of those center only lineups. My gawd I really hate Greg oden

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I haven’t met a single cheeser this round.

You gotta develop and adapt each game

How many games have you played

Close to 20. Some people offball, but that’s it.

What do you use as your overall rating?

I’m just sick to fucking death of the smother off ball press. Completely ruins the game for me. Every bitch coward and their mother’s are running it. My players just getting shoved around by inferior defenders while some punk patrols the paint with his center.


Weird solution. Get bill Russell and let him bring it up. Annoying as hell to deal with but go warriors offense and after a bunch of fast break dunks they should stop

I think it’s in the high eighties, but I get matched with all 99s.

99 overalls are fine. But 99 overalls with GO and pink diamonds is a totally different 99.

Just walk the ball up the court with PG or do it while posting.

Or bring the ball up with the center.

And then once I finally get up the court half of my shot clock is gone.

It seems easy to counter. But these fucks run it to perfection sometimes. And do it Alllllllll game

I went yesterday 12-0 in my new account, took me something like 3 hours with 150k mt squad

Who was ur shooting guard ? :stuck_out_tongue:

My 12-0 run last saturday was against god squads.

on my 7th game fought 5 GO’s with Giannis at Point
on my 9th game fought 4 GO’s no Giannis
on my 10th game fought Bill Russell at Point Guard
other games are with pink diamonds/diamonds

It was a cheese fest but It was very fun though, I was in the Zone.

It was actually Diamond Kawhi, such a beast

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Trust me I run a full court press 100% of the time.

Played a guy who I had a great game with and he was walking the ball up the court and posting while doing it at times. I told him nice touch but it drains the stamina too much.

He messaged me and asked me what else to do and Im told him get the center and bring it up and it kind of breaks it because all full court pressers stay home and sprint back as fast as possible with the center.

Bring it up with the big.