12-0 glitch

Does the bronze method still work or is there a working method that someone can show me. I don’t have the patience to do the 12-0 grind this month as I’m doing a ton of traveling and I know the MTU is more than likely super toxic right now.

Even the low overall glitch seemed to stop working last month so I just did the grind.


bronze isn’t a glitch… it’s a strategy. If you want to do it, you still can. Lineup still has to be well below 80 ovr

You don’t get the super matchups to often?

Idk about a glitch but make your whole bench bronze and make your starters amethysts pd and diamond and you could go 12-0 pretty easily

Any specific spread to that. How many PD and diamonds

I’ve gotten to 6-0 three times and lost to mf buddy heild all three times lmfao


What should my overall be and who’s the best center to use. Muresan?

I stay at or below 77 ovr. I use 85 muresean and opal KD. Occasionally throw Caruso in there. Whatever you like. I would definitely use muresan tho

Doesn’t really work on PS4, can work on XB1 but if you’re in a busy region then you are guaranteed to matchup with many others w/ a full Bronze bench plus a Muresan or Bol etc. who wanna sweat it out with those lineups, so better be prepared for that.

All else being equal either go for 12-0 w/ your best squad or pay the $20-$30 for someone else to do it and save your time.

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I guess I’ll wait until my schedule softens and just grind it then. MTU grinds suck but it is what it is

This exact thing happened to me yesterday I was 6-0 and buddy heild torched me with no shot meter, dude was hitting from the logo and doing windmills :joy:

I ran into an all bronze team this morning with a 94 overall team it’s the first time I seen that all year so it is what it is. But in general I been seeing a lot more low 80s teams vs my god squad so something has changed in the matchmaking. Also a lot of the known bronze 12-0 suppliers are not doing 12-0 runs anymore there could be something to that. But I’m off today I might throw in some all bronze lineups n do some experimenting for the culture


Hopefully I can craft a good low overall lineup to make this quick

If anyone on XB1 wants to try it out I’m home for a few hours

Is there a shooting center to where I don’t have to use muresan

No. There’s no reason for a shooting center. Post up works 95% of the time if their center ISNT muresan

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I use bol for that low overall cheese now


I thought about him but he gets his box outs broken every time I also suck with his jumper. I
Might try him again today and see if it works out.

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Anyone have a target overall to try to be at ? I usually do 85ish

The people who play unlimited really do bring the devil out. Some evil people on this game lol