12-0 for manu or 11-0 and hold

For the first time, I’m getting close to going 12-0. Since I’ve never been this close before and I’m not sure that I can do it again, should I go for manu or pause and try to finish out with the next reward?

Current lineup

I would go for it. Once month is over, you will never be able to get Manu. You have a full month to get the next player of the month. Manu is a lot of funn


Manu bro.

You’ll go 12-0 again next month just get that shit done


Get manu. Whole month to get the next one. You got this :+1::muscle:

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Hold off hs duck that faxxxxx

Get manu, if theres a duo in the future your gonna wish u got him. Just make sure u win!

Get him Manus nice

Thanks guys. I was leaning toward going for manu anyway since so many good players are on hold at 11-0 right now that competition for the final win may be tougher when the new month begins.


Would be nice if they added a duo with PD Duncan now that you mention it

Agree or future tony parker, who knows with 2k lol but running duos of parker ginobili kawhi and duncan would be so fun for spurs fans

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It’s gonna be Parker or Robinson more likely than any of those 2 but still I hope they give those POM duos to rewards those who have them

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Agree! Same with pd rewards and maybe diamond

Remember when we were hyped for trios? damn

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