1100 / 2500

Due to a handful of crashes (Thank you PD Kemba and Magic), I was able to build up my collector level again to 1,100. If anyone is aiming for high collector levels, wait for a Pink Diamond drop because cards are cheaper than a 99 cent store. Plus, it helps because there are cards to snipe and flip when prices rise a bit. For those still interested in my journey or what to expect in terms of card breakdown, here’s what I’ve got.

Current: 273/440
Heat Check: 140/432
Moments: 23/49
Throwback: 109/138
Rewards: 105/250
Premium: I have 19
Free Agents: 4/96
Uniforms: 267/373
Misc: 170/240

I picked up a ton of Heat Check cards this time around (over 40+) for under 1,500 MT, but some filters have started to dry up. Silvers are going to be a pain because they’re still over 2-4K for the low end ones. Got roughly 650K MT, which definitely isn’t a ton, but I’m working the AH to help me out.

How’s everyone else doing during this Magic market crash?

Almost there :frowning:


Doing great! Was thinking about going for Krilenko, but then they dropped Draymond Green. Now I have the second best defender in the game.

Woah! You’ve got to have close to the most cards here. That’s actually very impressive lol

I’m at 1,826. Completed regular, heat check, and city jerseys. Have all but 10 regular jerseys, 5 playbooks, 5 courts. 3/4 of the way through fantasy dom.

I figure I should have Webber and Wilt for my all-Sixers squad in about 3 weeks or so.

Yeah. Draymond has gone under 14K on Xbox. Only 1 HoF badge though. I haven’t checked out AK47, but I feel like he probably has more as a diamond.

He has 0 HOF badges

I have not completed any Domination. Is there any Domination specific cards that I’m missing out on?

Yes - logos, jerseys, and balls. I think it’s like 141 cards altogether if you count the 3 reward balls and 3 reward players.

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From auctionable I am missing only PD Kemba, PD Wallace, PD AI, D Moncrief, D Kobe, D BRoy, S CWebb and 4 city jerseys. Then 10 balls from all time domination and most of the FAs (have only one Gasol).

Unfortunately I am only 1 out of 6 on locked codes guys :frowning: I will blow it when I get 2000 though, might try for JR later in the year, but want to sell those throwback elite cards and rare moments/collection cards as they are expensive on PC.

Sheesh. Gotta start running some Domination then. I didn’t realize it contained over 140 cards just for playing lol

Around 100 cards for collection (balls and current jerseys). They can be bought though.

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Oh. You’re only going for the Webber and stopping for now? I haven’t kept any of the Throwback Elite since they’re so expensive.

Yeah. Idgaf about Giannis and JR tbh. Might try JR later in the year when all throwbacks will be here (+200 cards).

I also have all emerald, sapphire and ruby token rewards btw.

Yup. Only reason I’m going for Giannis is for the achievement (stupid 2k). I also spent the 250 tokens from 1,000 reward on all the Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby rewards.

I’m in the same boat - I need Webber for my Sixers squad, no interest in JR or Giannis unless they get traded to Philly.

Boom, JR+Korver to Philly.

I’m hoping they get Love, too.