11 win gang

Got Issel and 11 wins again, done for the month. Going to grind TTO.

There are a lot more people out there using the Mug methodology.


Hopefully they patch that stupid 11 win rollover.

I plan to finish the last 2 weekly challenges along with the schedules and then go 11-0

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Are u still using the mug method? I have an 80 overall team right now, because that’s the best players I have at the moment, and I still get matched up with 90 overall squads. Have you been getting low overall lineups?

Why does the rollover wins bother you?

The Mug method is still successful for me, the OVR is 78. Always play in primetime (aka tonight or tomorrow morning).

There are other people doing the same thing though, at least half the games were good players using a free agent card.

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I still have to do dom, not sure if it’s worth it. If I grind it I’m going to save the tokens for later in season.

If you are trying to get into the PD rewards and get AK47 / PD Maurice Lucas then yeah its worth it

I’m hoping I can use the tokens later to just buy cards in the rewards market, not sure if that is how it’s going to play out though.

I cant be bothered with the equaliser game. I tried ‘MUGing’ one game and got matched with 90 ovr team. Didnt try again after that lol just thought I’d play my usuals. The 11 win thing is kind of crazy

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It’s just lame imo that people do it, I don’t blame them since it’s working, I just think it’s lame. I have no doubt 2k will fix it though.

Do you wait for a certain amount of time and then back out, or just wait it out until u get a match?

I never messer with backing out or anything

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What happens when Mug 1.01 vs Mug 1.17 play against each other with emeralds ?


404: not found.


I ran into many other Mug deciples

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What’s your lineup ?

I lowered my teams overall down to 76 just to be safe.

Badged out Amy Durant surrounded by trash cans of your choice

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I’m going semi-mug this season as I don’t want to get matched against an all PD team when my only diamond is Finley. I’m using an 88ovr team and sitting at 6-0. All of the games were sweaty though against ruby/Amy teams so maybe I should revise my strategy.

I’m currently 18-1 on the year. Luckily my one loss came on my first game of the new month after not having played for three weeks