11-0 Check ins for Dr. J and Zeke

We are a day away from closing out the month and the season. Let’s see who’s 11-0 and ready to add these two to the squad.

Bonus points for adding your lineup you will use for game 12 and your lineup post 12-0.

11-0 lineup except just subbed in porz for ad couple games ago to sample him. players 11-13 are for emergency situations lol

zeke backup 1 w MJ & idk need to test dr j to judge


Damn That Line Up is :fire::fire::fire:

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Remind me to let you queue first tomorrow @Shamslol lol

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@Shamslol I thought I was the only one really impressed with that Vince Carter card. He’s not my lineup anymore, but man he was a beast.
Sadly I won’t be getting opal IT because I didn’t get Ginobli. But I’ll have Dr J likely day 1 or 2.

I run Magic, worthy, Webber. Giannis, Mutumbo
Opal Cp3, Pierce, AK. Duncan, Hakeem

Big Z, Kp, Hill


What time do you guys think they’ll update the reward to doctor J?

Lineup starters: magic, giannis, kuz, hakeem, Ralph

Bench: Oscar, pip, kawhi, blake, Porzi

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recently picked up vc w foam/limitless for like 30k. he’s been our goto guy every game :rofl:


Damn :fire: I might have to bring him back into my lineup. He can play bench 2.

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If they won’t make Dr.J super op i will get him and IT just for the road to Webber

Just lost at 10-0 lmaooo


its okay brother here pay me and let me go 12-0 for you avoid the stress

Its gon fucked up if 2k patched the 11-0 shit

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11-0 just waiting to pick Dr.J up and he’ll have to duke it out with Melo for that 3 spot off the bench.

how the hell you find so much time to play? howmuch courses u got 2?



im at a CC so i take my time each semester lol dont bunch shit make sure i get A in every class


only got classes tuesday and thursday 12 to 9

Imagine it resets our records

10-0 with a strong lead

11-0. Gonna sell b roy once i get this win and save up for the next anni card or premium

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I can’t see Webber’s, it makes me so jealous