11-0 Again With 9 Days Left

Luckily I got All Time Domination To Do Or is be screwed :joy:

I took 12th win and 15 tokens, farming for Mutombo :slight_smile:

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I’ve been waiting for three weeks yolo

I did the 12-0 for Dan without any issues on my first try now I’ve been trying to get the 11-0 and I got a disconnect at 7-0 and rage quit that gave me a loss at 5-0. Currently at 5-0 again if I get screwed again I’ll just do the 12-0 next month

Also I would delete this no reason to give this more press



Yeah I went 12-0 Saturday night. Got to 5-0 Sunday, and then got a blowout win for my 6th, but got the 2k error on my home screen, and took the L…

Oh well, just a couple tokens now, so no big deal. But that error cost me Finley last month. It really sucks how unreliable MUT is on the weekends.

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Yeah man it’s crazy. I was trying my best to just get them on the weekend and not worry about it for the rest of the month but I guess I’ll just try to do one or two games a day until I get there. Hopefully that reduces my chances of being screwed by the servers

These Park Events kill the servers lol

One of the reasons why I don’t play on the weekends unless it’s late