1000 / 2500

Took me much longer, but I finally reached 1,000 cards and got that bonus 250 tokens; which I’m going to blow on the lower tiered rewards to maximum my card amount. The process has slowed down a bit since there hasn’t been a huge market crash to force these cards into my filter.
For those interested in getting to where I’m at, here’s my card breakdown of what to expect:
Current: 271/440
Heat Check: 95/432
Moments: 21/42
Throwback: 104/129
Rewards: 78/250
Premium: I have 20
Free Agents: 4/98
Uniforms: 237/373
Misc: 167/240

So, I still have a ton of cards to collect. I would recommend sniping the uniforms during a crash. They fly out of packs and people put them up so that they sell ASAP.
I’m down to 13K MT, but that’s because I purchased 3 Limited PD KAJ to flip.

How’s everyone else doing on their collection journey?

I’m at 1,388 cards but I’m considering selling a lot of stuff back because I’m in need for MT

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I picked up Ak aaaaannnnd sold everything back

That’s what funded my Granger purchase and part in my Kareem purchase

Slow times I sold to get decent profit

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It’s a tough decision. If you’re interested in the PD rewards and Giannis, I would just stick it out. If you’re greatly in need of MT and have a team you enjoy playing with, sell off. Get some cards you enjoy with the MT you make and relax the rest of the year lol

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What do you think of Granger? I’ve never matched up with him this year. Not really planning on buying him due to his price, but interested to see how he matches up with other SFs.

By the time I picked up Ak prices were way higher

So I did lose on the sell back because pieces dropped a lot

He is awesome plus has 3pt plays

I mostly play tto , so my high purchases are player that do well in tto and mtu

I have no complaints at all!

Great dribble moves, fast high 3pt rating, tons of hot zones can attack etc

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I’ve noticed quick shots have better success this year

As you shoot with a slow shot guy, seems like a defender can close out and activate their d stopper badge in the middle of your shot if it’s too slow

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Yup. I’ve noticed that as well. Most of my guys have average to fast releases for that point. Can’t let the defender close out to ruin my shot lol

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Most definetely but it is realistic besides curry being a good shooter it’s hard to contest him because he has one of the fastest releases in the league so it translates to real life

1907 now, getting close.


Dang! How many cards are you missing currently? You’ve got to be pretty close to the maximum.

1739 atm getting there slowly but surely

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Good work! It’s a grind for sure.

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congrats! I am at 830 :slight_smile:


630 :confused:


239 till Webber but what I really want is that pd j.r lol

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