1000 -> 1250 cards

Think I can get there with 238k? I just grinded my 1000 from 600 all today. I know I would want him but idk if I can get there with my MT.

If possible what should I target?


How much didn’t it cost you from 500 to 1000

I bought all the jerseys today, well most of them

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Started with 480k so 250k. From 600 to 1000

Damn I’d have to sell my whole team

Ok thanks

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I had a fair amount of 19 and heat check sets locked. So today I bought all the jerseys and cheap bronzes and golds. And all the arenas and logos I didn’t have. No card over 900 mt

I went from 500 cards to 1250 in one day/night.
Target logos, balls, playbooks and all of the coaches but the diamonds, then heat check cards last from 1,200 - 2k mt

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1000-1250 is the hardest grind cause you start running out of cheap shit. It’s very expensive.


Yeah I feel like it will be

Can’t speak on it cause I did it before heat checks but it was tough. Took me like 5 hours and like 500+ k

Like everyone else is saying, I’m currently at just over 1,000. Cheap filters have started to run dry. Debating whether or not I should bump it up by 500 each filter…

Worst comes to worst I can sell some players to float me the MT. Just hoping not too it’s a hassle

Yeah the best part about going for AK is that if you sell the stuff back, you have a god squad worth of MT!

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