100 K MT for anyone that figures a way to get GO Iverson Sharp with a D Coach

I’m on Xbox but I’ll PayPal you brought for 100 K.

Dont thinks its possible. You would have to boost 2 of the 3 between open/contested/moving 3. There’s no shoe that does that.

Ya the all 99s in mid range shooting then BC and SWB in addition to all the defensive 99 ratings haha.

So he gets playmaking/defensive lockdown?

Most shoes ya give him D/Playmaker…but a few give him Slash/shot which isn’t bad…shot is basically sharp but for mid range shots and slash is pretty cool. I’m satisfied with the shot/slash. Wish I could get my MT and time wasted back however.

Kind of wish I would have thoroughly gone through gold/silver shoes earlier in the season…

Have you tried adding a shoe that boosts one of the 3 three point attributes?

Oh ya lol. Every possible one gold, silver and diamond probably.

I thought maybe one would magically work because it seemed like at times I’d get different takeovers on what seemed to be the same categories.

I think your best bet is a +5 to open 3. If this doesn’t work he just can’t get that takeover I guess.

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Tried every gold/silver open/contested three shoe.

Tried every open/contested diamond shoe other than the Kobe white mids…pretty sure it will just be lock/shot like with all the other ones. My conclusion is that his own shoes all give him shot/slash which is still pretty fun to have on an Iverson card.

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I hate how every shoe has a passing boost.

I think I’ve seen him with sharp look up gameplay videos with him I could have sworn I saw him with sharp

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Oh ya for sure but I don’t think it’s possible
with a defensive coach.

Ohh I thought u meant diamond coach

Try boosting mid range?

I think your answer is Dwane Casey

I’m switching from Casey…

He has 99 on all mid range stats.

Prob not possible without him tbh

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I’m over it. I’ll just use slash/shot.

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