100 away

im 100 cards from JR and i havent gotten any of the free agent cards… are they worth the grind? all the cards im getting at this point are pretty expensive moments/throwback elites, and i have really no more misc items to snag besides the ridiculous priced earned jerseys…

how long do schedules take?

I’m not sure but I think I the 5th a d 10th game rewards you FA cards and not all the games are full games.

so prolly an hour per 2 FA cards?

2.5 hours per 2.

Im this far away and i dont think id ever put myself through this again.


ooof… ju can do it… u have all the FA im assuming ?

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Nah ive only done 2 fa’s lol bought nearly every player that was cheap and sold my high end ones and thought i would have enough mt but i only have 70k with 7 to go now -.-

Lol at least u know u can get em thirsday with new throwbacks. Just be patient lol

Probably not “worth” it, but it’s still beneficial. What’s the cost per card you’re at. Let’s say those 2.5 hours you get 2 cards, 10k mt and a few tokens.

How much can you average an hour in TTO like 25k safely, more if lucky. So let’s say 75k in 2.5 hours average.

So let’s say 20k a card x 2 40k. + 10k mt 50k. Is it worth it? Still no but it’s not as far off as some would say.

Lol i might have to put in the few hours of free agents to make it happen. Im selling badges to get some mt up haha. I wanna sell before 2k do some crazy super packs or locker code lol

how much MT it take u to go from 100 to where u at now?

Lol gotcha. I was gon sell back but I’ll keep going for giannis.

Damn brah u killing it! I hate having no Mt tho, especially if theres new cards i want lol but i know ill regret selling back and not going for giannis.

@Kid_Cosby for me it was more then 2 mill. It depends what cards u have tho. Just think that 100 cards average out to be 20k each and man it gets expensive towards the end. Where every card is 100k or u have to use tokens for the ruby/sapphire cards. Its a pain!

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i have all the current,heat check, and throwback, and up to amy in moments and TB elite

How much mt u got? Id say it be alot more then what u think. Average diamond its 40k plus.

In a way i should of just settled for my limited b roy lol

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after a transaction this evening

prolly 2 mill

i have an AD,shaq, kobe, kristaps, hedo that are all auctionable tho i may have to part ways with them for a lil smh they all shoe’d and badged out too

That jr looks filthy nasty

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52 away from jr and working on the free agents this has got to be the most tedious shit I’ve ever done but on the bright side I’ll have jr after this week

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Yeah it was sad putting up klay/b roy and AD aswell. Nearly there but the free agent time consuming is the worse. 40 mins- an hour a card lol.