10 cards away from PD Webber

I’m going to wait and see if a new promo comes out tomorrow before I use tokens on reward sapphires. The only 2 auctionable cards that I don’t have are Drazen and Mashburn.


Ok guys it’s time to get back our 100 likes now :rofl:


Schedules for the free agent cards?

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That shit is such a grind, bro. I’ll do those over time to get to JR.

Hey…I still got blue balls from 2K in that pack opening. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

It’s really not that bad. Most of the games are quick and easy.

It’s all full games though, right?

There’s some 4th Q starts.

I’m guessing 3 hours for each team…

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Nope. Lots of games that either start at the half or in the 4th.

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Maybe I’ll grind it out for the 10. It’s 2 per team…so 5 seasons isn’t bad.

prob faster to do 10 half way

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Good advice, thanks.

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Nah, your balls can’t save u this time :grimacing:

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I’m also 210 tokens away from GO Wilt, but with Hakeem and Shaq coming IDK if I want to use the 750 tokens on one player.

Do you think they’ll have other GO cards in the token market in the future?

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what else you goin use em for?

Look 2K even gave you better compensation for the same issue that we both had in 2K18. I didn’t get a single damn diamond contract.!! :thinking::joy::joy::joy:

They’re suppose to release special cards in the token market going by what they said leading up to the release of the game, but it is 2K.

oh snap maybe

but i bet no1 betta than wilt

Does anyone know whether or not you can pull Throwback Elites from the premier packs that you get for the last game of each schedule?