10-0 and then

I’m 10-0 and I play my next game, and now suddenly, my shot release is slow af and Drazen can’t hit anything against golds and ruby cards? lost by 6 since I went 5-21 from 3 because of some weird ass shot crap. so that’s fun

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Hehe the amount of times i start 1/8 in the first quarter is crazy

That’s the game where you got start the cheese to get through it cuz 2k doesn’t want you to win

Lol rather lose than do that cheese shit

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It was probably that good ol Equalizer

Well you’ll lose most of the time then. But there’s different levels of cheese though.

Coulda been someone with lag switch

Kudos to those people who just can’t seem to come to terms with taking an L. You’ve made this post for what reason? I mean… come on mate… SUDDENLY a slow shot release? Can’t hit shots against gold/ruby cards? Lost by 6 whilst shooting 24% from 3… couldn’t be because of human error though, right? it MUST be because of… -Weird ass shot crap intensifies-

I’m not questioning the validity of your story, or that all these things took place in your game. It’s common knowledge that, YES it could of been a shit connection, YES someone could use a lag switch, YES you or your opponent could be on wifi, YES 2K’s servers are not as stable as they should be, YES input delay exists, etc etc.

But you’re the one who’s still holding the controller, playing the game, shooting the shots, right? FAR BE IT FOR SOMEONE TO SUGGEST that time better spent is being self critical and honest with yourself, paying attention to what you’re doing right and wrong and your own tendencies in the game are, being able to play to strengths and exploit the opponents weaknesses.

I don’t claim to be the best at TTO or MTU. I know my strengths, my weaknesses, my tendencies and am always learning. How do I react when the pressure is on? where my go-to players are at any given time on the floor? (either unit) Can I continue to run my offense the way I want if i’ve missed my last 3 wide open shots? Can I adjust on the fly to different defensive tempos and not send the ball flying out of bounds on an inbound because i’ve ran 3 quarters the way up the court due to not focusing?

I’m not saying you HAVE to play this way, or HAVE to think that way. I’m just offering an alternate way of approaching the game. Personally I do not miss the rage, serious frustration and wasting my time by blaming everything under the sun except the person holding the controller.

I hope this serves someone well!

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Weird flex, but okay


It aint lag. You guys here how EA tried to make battlefield easier by making your gun less effective the longer you’re on a killstreak. They were tryna dumb down the game for casuals to rope them in around Xmas.

What would stop 2ks lame ass for mudding the game up to make it easier for casuals to bomb 3s from the logo? I’ve had games were my Jordan and Magic just wouldn’t even turbo

I’m 10-0 right now and I’ve been murdering people left and right in this round- I mean blowing guys up by 40-50 points unless they quit earlier. If anything weird happens in the least two games I will certainly blame the game :stuck_out_tongue:

If long shots isint going in why keep shooting, start driving, against golds from all cards.

my man was cheesing in all directions, bump steals, full court press, inbound cheese, if he knew a little advantage, he was using it. I also took a total of 50 shots, so I did get to the paint, but this man, no joke, I was missing dunks with KP, getting “highly contested” when his man was no where near me. I’m not a bad player at this game, but I’m definitely not someone you would see on Saturdays. If I was 10-0, I had to be doing something right. I highly doubt it was myself, as I had just played 3 games of TTO to make sure my connection was solid, but as soon as I get into this game, stuff started going to shit