#1 MOST infuriating (easily fixable) aspect of 2k21

I have now added 2 HOF badges to players that had no need for them. 2k HAS to change their methods of applying HOF badges to players. When applying a badge that has a HOF in your collection 2K will apply that badge wherever possible. Not to mention they give you no indication that they will apply said HOF badge. They also give no indication that you have no badge available for that player other than your HOF badge which makes it even more confusing. The green light that indicates you can upgrade a badge looks exactly like any general badge you would be upgrading.

1 of 2 things need to be done. They need to reconfigure the upgrading for HOF badges to protect the user OR give a 30 second window to take off a HOF badge that you apply which would allow you to correct a mistake.

I was just upgrading my Sleepy Floyd (on Xbox) to sell. He has Gold Range and I figured adding silver Fastbreak Finisher to him would add a little more to his value since he is a great dunker but is an 89 speed which would bring his speed and speed with ball past 90. For those who don’t know, Fastbreak finisher adds +1, +2, +3 and then +4 to the speed category and possibly the finishing stats as well for players who are on the fast break. While this is not the worst addition to Sleepy as he is not lets say 98 speed to begin with but is a meager 89 speed IT IS infuriating as I see a lot of value in this HOF badge like any other and would have applied it to player that would have utilized it more then Sleepy who can already finish with the best of them.

I know Ty (youtuber) has had issues with this but never realize the issue until the last week where I have now done this twice. As described with Sleepy and with Kat who I put HOF post move lockdown on (hes a horrible defender so its not the worst either).

Anyone else having this issue? If so, what have you done to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

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I haven’t added any yet this year, but I thought if you were upgrading badges, you click on the badge you want to update or an empty slot?

If the one you are upgrading is gold then only a HOF badge can be added?

You would think that is the way it works but no. When you go to upgrade a badge you click on that badge which then asks you if you would like to upgrade said badge. You know it is upgradable because there is a green light next to the badge on you player. Now with HOF badges you would think that you need to get said badge to gold and then you can upgrade it. You would be mistaken, HOF badges can be applied at any given time. With sleepy I was upgrading silver to what I thought would be gold but it applied HOF since I did not have a gold (which I thought I did). Point is, in now way should i need to memorize the 90 badges I have and then tip toe around upgrading out of fear I will add a HOF by accident.

I see what you mean, sounds pretty stupid.

they’ve added notification if you’re trying to apply badge without having silver/gold


This makes sense.

Im glad I read this thread though, I had no idea you can skip directly to HOF, when I do badge players up I would have wasted B/S/G badges.

BROOO that is not what just happened to me… I went from sliver and upgraded to HOF with no indication that it would be HOF… wtf

You should always add badges from the badges pages. Especially when you have multiple hof badges

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You could not be more spot on - will be doing that from now on. Luckily as I said I should get the value of the badge with HOF range on my Sleepy. I have two up on Xbox right now for 60 and 89 respectively. The 89 is not this one that Sleepy has the 30+k 3pt White Nikes and every badge he can get on gold. That card has over 250k in badges invested in it - I had to throw him up so I could put HOF Fastbreak Sleepy into perspective. I honestly didn’t want to sell either of them but once I threw that badge on it was game over. I need to go out and get a Wall type card or go ultra cheap with a guard that has clamps. Always appreciate it bro.

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