1/3rd of NBA Players Living Paycheck-to-Paycheck


CJ McCollum estimates a third of NBA players live paycheck to paycheck

Cassandra Negley

Cassandra Negley

Yahoo SportsApril 7, 2020, 2:41 PM EDT

The COVID-19 crisis has shut down the nation. There are no sports, not even pick-up basketball games. There are no shopping trips. There are no dinners eaten at restaurants and movies seen in theaters.

It has wreaked havoc on the economy and left millions unemployed. Families who live paycheck to paycheck are now scrambling to pay bills with no idea when they’ll be able to work again.

It’s also impacting the finances of professional athletes at all levels. For those at the lower salary level, it is making a larger impact. And many are living close to a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle, Portland Trail Blazers shooting guard CJ McCollum told former NBA player Jay Williams on “The Boardroom.”

This isn’t surprising… I mean the lifestyles they live lead to this… and most of them prolly have two houses, one where they’re from and in the NBA city they play for…

and i dont even blame them bc no one could have predicted this

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Living paycheck to paycheck with a 1m+ a year contract is crazy.


1/3 of the NBA may very likely be made by just putting together all guys on a minimum or two way contract


If you made a mill a year think about the prolly 450-750k home you live in…

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thats a one time purchase doe

Yeah, but also that’s if they’re smart… I’ve been to a few pro althetes houses because of my job, I’m a plumber, and all the older pro athletes who are retired have houses around the 250-400k price range, when I went to a current NBA players house it was easily a few mill… they live in the now, that’s why they’re struggling lol

I could retire right now at 23 with just a few million dollars lol. Just living modestly of course.

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thats true im sure there is a lot of unnecessary purchases

I can believe, they have more money then us but they also have higher bills then us

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Yeah. I mean I could imagine 20 year old me with a 5 mill a year contact the shit I would had bought, compared to 30 year old me now that if I got 5 mill I would invest 4 of it into something and buy a small house on land lol

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I could see living paycheck to paycheck with a 2 way, but with a minimum ur in the 1%, so I still think it’s crazy.

More money, more problems (bills).


Isn’t a 2 way 500K/year? Is it a good salary in the US? In Italy it’s a very very great salary I’d say 1% of people make it… But is it in the US, don’t you guys have bigger salaries?

I didn’t know a 2 way was that much, I don’t think 500k breaks the top 1% but it’s still like the top 2 or 3%

Sorry, a minimun… Not 2 way

Are we supposed to feel bad?


That makes more sense

500k is more like 0,1%. 200k is easily 1%