1.35 million for sale ps4

Dm me

Didn’t you have like 3 threads yesterday trying to buy mt? Now you’re selling? Seems kind of sketch…

I gave up 2k for good

need a screenshot lol

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Why were you looking for mt yesterday then?

I believe you have it. I said seems kind of sketch as in you bought mt yesterday and are trying to scam people today to get your money back

I was going to buy , but I raged last night and sold my whole team

Never bought mt I made the post

Ok fair enough

Giving a good price too lol

Dude agreed to a deal n then completely been ignoring me for over 2 hours now, i went took the time to buy 16 rubies (15k cost on me) and posted them up n he just completely ghosting me now, buyer beware.

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You sent him the money already?



Already got a deal in place for the whole 1.35 million

Well thanks for wasting my time and mt pric