1,1 mil MT... What should I do?

I have played a couple of weeks when the game came out and then switched to Fifa. Before I did, I sold everything I had in my Team and now I am sitting on 1,1 mil.
I am thinking about coming back to 2K and build a new team. I also havent kept up with new player releases… Who should I get and what team can I build? Currently I have no one in my squad!

Get diamond Curry and Klay, rest is just detail lmao.

Curry - Klay - Jamal - amy Gugliotta - Jermaine O’neal = 500-550k gone.

Get Klay and then wait for PD Magic, Jordan, Giannis that will be coming out soon enough.

Sell the Mt because my team trash asf


hater alert

This is also another good idea.

whats a suitable price for 100k at this point?


Once I get around that amount of MT I’m holding for G/O Bron