01 Staples Center?

This is the one arena I am missing and is never in the auction house. Is it a reward at some point?

Think its a glitch. Might be under 76ers


All the arenas are available in the AH just have to be patient

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Are you serious??? I hope you are right. But damn. lol.

Yeah its under 76ers. I see it on xbox

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Thanks man. I appreciate that. I’ve checked several times every day for like 4 or 5 days straight. Of course I was filtering for Lakers/Clippers…

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Lol im shocked they haven’t fixed this yet. But its there, for around 1200 MT.

Glad i could help.


As a Sixers fan I find this “glitch” a bit insulting…


To balance things out you should have to search for Tyronn Lue under Allen Iverson. I’ll always remember him there anyway!

I think there are a bunch of Arenas and other Team Items that got incorrectly categorized as “76ers,” right?

Yup thats where it was.

Yup. Saw some Celtics ones in there too.